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I had a happy childhood in Jamaica, so no mileage there.


In 1974 as a student in Nottingham I wrote a children's adventure book which ended with a super-natural force taking over the world as we, humans, are making such a mess of it.


The book - I can't even remember the title - has long since pushed up daisies.


I then buggered off to Germany (to get away from Little England. Might have to do that again soon) taught English fell in love got married returned to UK had kids worked for the city council left to become a poet and writer.


36 years later I thought, 'ah ha - I know where that story is now going. It seems a super-natural intelligence will indeed take over the earth! Hmm... now is that a good thing, a bad thing, or just an inevitable thing?' So I started collecting scraps, cuttings, bookmarks, listening to people, the radio, going to talks etc.


Over the next 6 years I wrote ‘Something Needs To Be Done About The Humans (in Bristol in Mexico in Cuba in airport lounges in planes trains buses hotel rooms stations in Aosta in Tokyo ... on the moon - dark side)


I wanted to say serious things I think about a lot - and deliver a good story. I hope I have succeeded.


I am self-publishing ‘Something Needs To Be Done About The Humans' because it's now the 21st century and authors can take complete control of our own destiny! Whoopeee!

10 Reasons the NHS is in Trouble

(Guardian 8 Feb 2017)


  • We spend more on the NHS than ever before

  • A bigger proportion of public spending goes on health

  • Key A&E targets are being missed

  • The UK's population is ageing

  • Care for older people costs much more

  • Increases in NHS spending have slowed

  • The UK spends a lower proportion on health than other EU countries

  • Demand for A&E is rising

  • Fewer older people are getting help with social care

  • Much more is spent on front-line healthcare than social care



The same old saw...